ANANDESHWAR MANDIR - Hemadipanthi stye

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Anandeshwar mandir is located at a distance of 25km from Akola, Maharashtra in Lasur village of Daryapur taluka, Amravati district.

This temple seems to be of Hemadpanthi style where rocks of different sizes are stuck in one another such that it holds the entire structure.

This temple is त्रिदल meaning that it has three गाभारे (sanctum).
सभामंडप(hall) of this temple is open and its termed as स्वर्गमंडप.
This unique open roof structure can be seen in very very few places and it becomes one the prime reason to visit here.
Anandeshwar temple is standing on 12 pillars.

Beautiful and intricate carvings can be seen inside and outside the temple. Though it has less sculptures, the sculptures which are present, are really carved with minute details. Some remains of the temple are placed in one of the sanctum while some are present in the temple premises. Two द्वारपाल (gatekeepers) are kept outside the main sanctum. This temple is an archeological site and hence being preserved very well.

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